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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

People dancing (almost) naked

Yesterday I ran into a Japanese tradition I had not seen before. When I was having dinner, there was also a group of people there drinking. Right before they left, they entered a particular song in the karaoke system and started singing. So far, nothing particularly strange for Japan.

Then, one guy started undressing/getting undressed by others. I was told by the staff that this is a tradition for meetings between doctors and medicine (or medical equipment?) suppliers at their parties like the one yesterday.

I was told that "before" they used to strip down and end up completely naked, but nowadays that would constitute sexual harassment. So nowadays they strip down to their underwear, which apparently is not sexual harassment... The guy yesterday also had a paper mask of a cute character (a chicken?) from TV that he had made himself. This mask was stuck to his underwear, making him even more not-undressed.

Everyone seemed to have a good time yesterday, so there was no sexual harassment vibes. The guy dancing mostly naked seemed to enjoy it too. After they finished and he had put on some clothes again, he also went around to all the other guests in the place and said "Sorry for being noisy and annoying", haha.

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