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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A really big boat

My brother, his wife, and I went to the Vasa museum. This is a very nice museum in Stockholm with a very big boat. The Swedish king in the sixteen hundreds decided to big the most powerful warship ever and ordered the ship Vasa to be built. When it was finished, it sank on its maiden voyage... which was a big disaster and of course a big embarrassment.

A model showing different stages of the salvaging process
In the 1960:s the ship was found and retrieved. Now it is a museum showing the ship which is in fantastically good condition. The sea outside Stockholm is bad for sea worms, so the tree lasts much longer here than in other places and the ship sank by getting turned over by the wind, not shot to bits in war. In the very old days, the cannons were retrieved (in an amazing feet of salvage!) but the rest of the ship just lay on the bottom for hundreds of years.

The face in the middle is me. The wood in the ship is sensitive to heat, so the whole place is checked carefully and kept in proper temperatures.

Salvaging the ship without breaking it was an amazing feet, and preserving a ship this big is also very difficult. You get to learn about all of these things in the museum, and you get to see recreations of what the people that died in the ship likely looked like (based on the bones found and all kinds of analyses and science), learn about the life of people living and working in ships like this, on the ship building technology of the day, and much more.

Sometimes they have tours where some lucky people can go aboard the ship, but that is not very common.

We also had some food in the museum restaurant. I ordered Swedish meatballs with sauce. A very Swedish dish, and it was very good.

Swedish meatballs


  1. Min sonson Joshua, (Lunas kusin, som du träffade i somras)) har varit ombord två gånger.. :-) Första gången när han var 7 år och andra gången förra våren! :-) Han är med i Vasas Vänner, nämnligen! Han har varit helt besatt av det skeppet sedan han var typ 4-5 år.. Så där är han och jag flera ggr/ år.. :-) Själv fick jag stå på "landbacken" och fota honom genom en kanonlucka! I våras var han ombord precis innan Kungen, Drottning Silvia, Prins Charles och Cammilla var där för att gå ombord.. Dom kom när vi gick.. :-) Och i tidningen dagen efter var ett foto där man såg Silvia innanför samma kanonlucka som jag tagit kort på Joshua igenom en halvtimme tidigare!! :-)

    1. Själv har jag aldrig varit ombord, men det vore coolt att få gå ombord någon gång!

  2. Det tycker jag också!! :-) Men det är bara "Vasas Vänner" som får tillstånd.. vartannat år, om dom vill! Vi andra får snällt stanna utanför, eftersom Joshua är den ende i familjen med medlemsskap! :-)