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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wearing your yukata right over left

A few months ago, a magician I know suggested we should go to the 25 year anniversary of a bar where the mama does magic dressed up as zombies, batman, or something else. I thought it was a great idea, and I even bought a light colored yukata to have something that shows off the color of blood really well. Two days before the 25 year anniversary, my magician friend said that he had given up on the whole dress up thing, but he would bring a camera...

I figured it would still be fun to dress up, so I made up a fresh batch of fake blood and put on my new yukata. A yukata is originally a pajama or underwear type of clothing but nowadays it is used as a summer kimono kind of thing. Normally you wear your yukata with "left over right". Right over left is a way commonly used for dressing dead bodies for the funeral. Since zombies are dead, this was a chance to try wearing my yukata right over left.

I was experimenting with gluing paper to my face to make the skin look worse, but the fumes from the glue made my eyes hurt so I skipped it for now.
I like the stickiness of the fake blood,it can hang and drip from your face for hours before drying
I went to the party, met my not dressed up magician friend, and generally had a good time. I was stared at a few times when walking to and from the bar too.

The yukata was bought in a real kimono specialist shop, and is a quite high quality yukata (most yukatas are sold in normal clothing shops just for the yukata season, and the cheap ones have lower quality cloth and print). I figured I might at least try to wash the blood stains out, but even though the red is gone there are still lots of chocolate stains (I dull down the pinkish color of my fake blood with chocolate syrup) and there is paint stuck in some places (the face paint rubs of on the collar and on other places). So I guess this yukata will mainly be used by zombies from now on.

My friends had walked around town painted like Golden Bomber (an "air band", a weird story in itself) and showed a video of that time, but they did not dress up together with me.

I also noticed when I got to work at the university that there are actually quite large amounts of paint still stuck to my arms. The face is clean, but the arms are speckled with white. I figure I can just claim that "since I am Swedish I am naturally white" if anyone complains... but it does look quite weird.

Party food
Zombie Jonas eating sausages
Zombie Jonas eating pasta
Zombie Jonas eating zombie food


  1. Du kan väl färga om din yukata i svart eller mörkblått? Då kan du ju använda den även när du inte är "halvdöd".. :-)

    1. Den är fortfarande ganska ljus även vid chokladfläckarna, så jag funderar på något lilaaktigt. Men jag tror jag behåller den som den är för eventuella framtida blodstänkta eskapader.