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Friday, May 10, 2013

Magic in Osaka

Me and the French Drop magicians

During my evening in Osaka I visited both the magic bar French Drop and the magic bar A Majide, and generally had a good time. I visited French Drop once before, about two years ago, and they still remembered me. There were three magicians there and they were all very funny. The best part was when one of them snorted the chocolate covering off of Pocky-sticks that he stuck up his nose.

I have been to A Majide quite a lot recently, and they of course also remembered me. Last time the master there was fairly strongly implying that he wanted some Sapporo sweets by saying things like "Sapporo sweets are delicious. I would love to try some Sapporo sweets again..." etc. over and over. This time I brought a small box of Sapporo sweets for them.

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