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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not midnight sun

The dark Swedish nights

If you go to the far north of Sweden, during parts of the summer you can experience the Midnight Sun. That means that the sun never sets, so you have 24 hours of daylight. This looks pretty much like a normal noon, and is not that much to see, though tourists do go to the north to see the midnight sun.

In the winter, you have the opposite; the sun sets and then never comes up again. You can have one month of night. This is somewhat depressing. There was a funny Swedish vampire movie made using this as the gimmick  Since vampires are sensitive to sun, if you can hide until dawn you are then safe for the day. But in northern Sweden, dawn may be one month away, so a vampire outbreak would be very bad. There was later an American remake (or more like a new movie inspired by the Swedish one or possibly just stealing the good ideas from the Swedish one) placed in Alaska, which has the same properties.

Anyway, here in Stockholm we do not get the midnight sun, and the longest day of the year is still about a month or so away. But the days are pretty long. This photo was taken at around 10 p.m. Night is not that dark.

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