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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japanese izakaya in Sweden!

Some of the things on the menu behind the sushi chef I can read (I know 南瓜 is pumpkin, for instance), but about half of them I cannot read...
Today I went with a friend and my parents to a Japanese izakaya in Stockholm. There are lots and lots of sushi restaurants in Stockholm, but not many places that serve other types of Japanese food. The restaurant Blue Light Yokohama is an izakaya and serves many types of Japanese food.

Some Japanese style decorations on the walls

They have sushi and sashimi, but they also have lots of salads, chicken wings, fried chicken, more or less raw meat, Japanese pickles, green tea ice cream, and many other Japanese dishes. I ordered a large selection of dishes, and all of it was good. The taste was what you could expect to find in Japan.

The staff all spoke Japanese to each other (the kitchen staff calling the waitresses etc.) and there were lots of Japanese on the walls and on their t-shirts. I read in a newspaper that the place was named Blue Light Yokohama since the owner, who is a Swedish man who lived in Tokyo, once thought he should learn to sing at least one song in Japanese when going to karaoke and then learned the song Blue light Yokohama. And then he named his restaurant after that song when he returned to Sweden and opened his own place here. I do not know if this is really true, but they did seem to have the lyrics of Blue light Yokohama on the wall.

The staff were very nice, and the food was good. If you like Japanese food or want to try something that is not raw fish without going to Japan, this place is good.

More Japanese decorations, on the toilet walls
The staff wear t-shirts that say "It like a Japanese person" in Swedish and Japanese.
My friend asked me what it said on the wall, and my guess is that these are the lyrics to the song "Blue light Yokohama". It sure reads like song lyrics.

There are some tatami mats with tables to sit at too.

My tea cup had the faces of all the Japanese prime ministers.

My mom likes both 梅酒 (plum wine) and 梅干 (dried plums)

The miso soup of the day

Sashimi selection

Shabu-shabu salad with sesame dressing

Buta no kakuni

Fried chicken (竜田揚げ)


Shrimp dumplings

Sushi selection

Fairly raw beef

Chicken wings


  1. Dit vill jag gå nån gång!! Enbart deras Green Tea-glass är skäl nog för mig!!! Visste inte att det fanns i Sverige! Jag älskar det!! :-)Jag ska till Söder på söndag.. Men då ska jag äta på Patricia, så det får nog bli en annan gång! :-)

    1. Ja, det var som sagt bra mat. Vi åt inte glass, men den är ju antagligen god den med. Själv gillar jag matcha-glass, men mina föräldrar kan inte äta det alls... Konstiga typer :-)

  2. Micke är likadan.. fast han trycker att det är JAG som är konstig! :-)