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Friday, May 10, 2013

Flying to Sweden

The in flight food included a cute little tai-yaki-waffle

I got up at 6 A.M., after a whopping 3 hours of sleep, and went to the Kansai International Airport to check into my flight to Stockholm (via Helsinki). I wore a t-shirt saying: "I am not Japanese" in Japanese, and the girl at the check in counter asked me: "What on earth is up with your t-shirt?" The girls at the next counter were looking at me and laughing too.  So the shirt was a success, but I did not know what to reply, since there is nothing special about the t-shirt. It is just stating a fact about me. Like the sign above the check in counter that says "Check in" even though it is obvious to everyone that that is what it is.

Finnair always gives out Geisha chocolate on the flights to/from Japan

The first flight was only 10 hours, so it was not that long. The selection of new movies in the Finnair plane was quite impressive too, so I did not sleep at all during the flight.

After a very short stop in Helsinki, which is stressful since you have to go through security again and then through the immigration too, I was on a very short flight to Stockholm. The new automated passport controls are very fast, which helped (scan passport, wait for automatic door to open, look into camera, wait for next door to open, finished).

Cherry trees at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm

In Stockholm, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom even at the airport.


  1. Allt det här blommandet har hänt senaste veckan!!! Innan dess NADA.. sen bara exploderade det!! Din tajming är helt perfekt, med andra ord!! :-.) Välkommen till Sverige ! :-)

    1. Ja, idag var jag i Kungsträdgården och tog några hundra bilder av körsbärsträd. I full sommarvärme. Så det är mycket bra tajming. Men jag skulle ha haft med mig shorts också...

  2. :-) Det finns affärer i Stockholm, vet du..