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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trick Art

Me and some giant ladybugs.
During Golden Week, there is a trick art exhibit in Sapporo. I wanted to see this, so I went there with a friend. I have been to a similar event in Stockholm a long time ago, which was very cool.

There was a framed picture of a guy looking just like me there.

Since it is Golden Week, very many other people had the same idea. We were told that it would be about a 90 minute wait before we would get in... But we waited anyway, and it turned out to be quite nice once we were let in.

Everyone else took photos from the right side of this picture, but this is the correct angle to view the crab.

There were lots of paintings that looked like 3D from the right angle, quite many paintings were you could enter the painting yourself, some paintings with hidden features ("find 10 hidden animal shapes" etc.), paintings on uneven surfaces creating strange illusions, etc.

This is me and my friend climbing up the TV tower. Also, I look like a giant compared to my friend here.

It was very crowded, so for the popular paintings you had to stand in line for many minutes before it was your turn to take a picture with yourself on top of a 3D painting.

I managed to get my feet to the lips of this shark's mouth, so I will not be swallowed. My friend seems less lucky.

When I did this pose, an woman completely unknown to me laughed a lot.

Then she laughed even more when I took this pose.
A turtle that you could pretend to be crushed by.

The lion looked OK, the fake door looked amazing.

One kid is getting trampled, one is putting his fingers up the mammoth's nose, but what is the guy on the right doing?

A guy feeding a 3D looking giraffe. 

There was someone standing in the way of the perfect angle for this painting, but this angle looks pretty good too.

This turtle looked very 3D

I liked the manatee, which was also very 3D
The octopus wrapping arms around the frame looked cool.

I tried to get into this magic table, but the woman guarding this place said it was "only for kids"...

A Cinderella opportunity

This kids were quite limber (picture rotated 180 degrees from when I took it, though, which can be deduced from their hair too).

You could become a butterfly if you wanted, and who does not want that?


  1. Efter nogsamt övervägande: Koolt!

    1. Ja, det var rätt kul och en del saker var riktigt finurligt konstruerade.

  2. Replies
    1. Ja, de borde ha mer sådant här. Och oftare, så man slapp trängas så mycket :-)