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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beaver meat

Beaver stew

Today we had lunch at a restaurant that serves traditional Swedish dishes. I was leaning towards fish soup, since Swedish fish soup is almost always great. It is also completely different from anything you could ever find in Japan.

The menu did list "Beaver Bourguignon", though. I asked the waitress if that meant that it actually contained beaver meat, and she surprisingly said yes. So I ordered that. I have never seen beaver on the menu in Sweden (or anywhere else) before. It was good. The texture and the taste was quite different from other types of meat I have tried, but it was very good.


The restaurant is located in an old building, and even the toilet is in an old style.


  1. Bäver?????? Visste inte ens att man kunde äta det.. Är dom inte fridlysta? Jag har aldrig sett en LEVANDE bäver ens, i hela mitt liv..

    1. Jag har aldrig sett en vild bäver men jag har klappat en bäver i Sapporo. Här i närheten av mina föräldrars hus ska det tydligen finnas ett bäverpar, dock.

  2. Du kanske just åt upp dom!! :-D