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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weird drinks in the university coop

There have not been that many weird drinks showing up among the new products of our university coop recently. One of the most accessed pages on my blog is the "men's milk" they had here back in the days. Nothing on the level of that has shown up now, but since I have not written anything about strange products recently, I at least picked three that are a little bit weird to me.

The first one is "ビタミーナ" ("bitamiina", from the word for vitamins). The name is not strange, but the text on the bottle is a bit strange. There is a long explanation of how Swedish mothers (which would sound bad in Sweden, since we are proud of equality and men and women both do this kind of thing) make サフト, "saft" (which is apparently called "squash" in English), from berries. There is also a big map of Sweden with Stockholm marked. Inside the capital is not the best place to pick berries, but it is a nice map (though in the common Japanese style, north is not the up direction). It is true that it is common to make saft. The story also tells of how they wanted to make saft from red berries (why they wanted red ones is not explained) and made juice from raspberries, blackcurrants, and acerola.

We do have lots of blackcurrants and raspberries in Sweden, and we do make saft from them. I am pretty sure blackcurrants are not very red, though. I am also sure we do not have any acerola in Sweden.

Next, we have "sparkling white", which is pretty much carbonated milk. Why would you carbonate milk? This is from the "sparkling" series. They have sparkling anything, with new flavors several times per year. Sparkling water melon juice etc. The most interesting one so far was "sparkling chocolate", though the new "sparkling white" is a bit strange too.

Finally, we have "salty lychee". Lychee is popular in Japan (especially in alcoholic drinks) and is a nice flavor for juice, but why make it salty? Who thinks making drinks salty is a good idea? Last year we had "salty watermelon", which was also weird.


  1. Hahaha, that was good ... I guess it will never stop me being amazed what's really in Japaneses heads(specially those that write info on bottles) XD

    1. Yes, I have been here for many years but still I am surprised from time to time :-)

  2. Vi har en variant av Godmorgon-juice med acerola i.. :-) Men i Sverige växer dom inte!!! Sydamerika och Västindien, tror jag!
    Den där typen av Lychee-juice var min och Joshuas favorit förra sommaren när vi var i Sapporo!! SÅ god!! :-) Och bästa törstsläckaren!!

    1. Ja, jag tror också att det främst är i Sydamerika man hittar dem.

      Lychee är gott, men jag tycks vara allergisk mot själva frukterna (som finns att köpa lite varstans här). Juice och liknande går bra.