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Friday, May 24, 2013

Why mosaic?

The possibly obscene rice of the original picture

In Japan, the put mosaics on lots of stuff on TV. Apparently they are not allowed to show penises on TV, but the comedians still like to get naked for more or less no reason, so there is a lot of mosaic because of that. They also do it to keep a surprise for later in the show, or to hide private information in news shows etc.

When I was checking Facebook (I prefer Google+ but only 2 of my Japanese contacts use Google+ while hundreds use Facebook...) a place I often go to eat had a picture of their food with parts of it hidden with mosaic.

The not so obscene but possibly motivating mosaic shape that I received

I went there and ordered that dish. I said: "I am so looking forward to finding out what lewd shape the rice will appear in!", knowing fully well that they had just put mosaic on the picture as a joke. But they were kind enough to shape the rice into something requiring mosaic just for me. They chose a completely different direction than I had expected, but I guess there would be a reason to put mosaic on a picture with the rice shaped like this on the page belonging to a shop not affiliated with Disney, haha.

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