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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stage magic show at Magic Bar Stockholm

Gunnar, voice artist

I have been to Magic Bar Stockholm several times but I have never managed to catch their stage show. I usually come to Sweden in July (since the weather is best in July) but then the stage show takes a summer vacation. When I was here in November, the whole magic bar was booked for a private event during the weekend... But this time I finally managed to catch the stage show, and it was great!

Anders Fox, magician
I had a nice dinner, and I got a small table very close to the stage. I had some interesting conversation with Gunnar in the wardrobe, got to see some nice close up magic at my table, and generally had a good time while waiting for the stage show to start.

The stage show was actually two shows. Every weekend there are two magicians (or groups of magicians) both doing a stage show. First, Anders Fox who had also showed me close up magic at my table did half an hour of stage magic too. I was selected as one of the spectators to help him on stage.

Then Gunnar from the wardrobe came on stage and did some amazing voice stuff, like talking with an echo, talking really really fast, or talking backwards. He showed us that if you sing Swedish songs backwards it sounds like Russian, and other strange things, haha.

Håkan Berg, comedy genius
Finally, Håkan Berg and Micke Svan came on stage. Micke Svan played the piano and Håkan Berg first did a magic show, then sang some songs and did a lot of stand up comedy. He then did some more magic, sang some more, etc. His first and longest magic performance was a great performance where he pretends to be a magician that believes he is the greatest magician in the world but who fails with every trick. Very very funny. They were called back to the stage for an encore, and did one more song.

After the show was finished, I got to talk to Håkan Berg and his brother Micke (?) Berg who had handled the sound and lighting. One of my Japanese magician friends in Sapporo is a huge fan of Håkan Berg after having seen him on YouTube. When I told him about that, Håkan Berg thought it was funny that he had fans in Japan.

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