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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

YouTube transcripts are funny

I recently noticed that YouTube automatically creates transcripts for uploaded videos. If you click on the transcript button, you get a box with text that highlights in real time the sentence that you are (possibly) saying at each time. This is pretty cool, though the speech recognition is automatic so there are some mistakes.

I recently uploaded a video where I do a magic trick while talking Japanese and noticed the transcript button. The transcription is almost complete nonsense, haha. But I guess this could be because I am not a native speaker, so my Japanese pronunciation and my use (abuse?) of the language could be too weird for the system to handle.「好きかなぁ」("suki kanaa", "that I like") became 「スキーカバー」("sukii kabaa", "a cover for your pair of skis").

I checked a video with one of my Japanese friends speaking Japanese. His Japanese should be good enough. There are lots and lots of weird things there too, haha. 「安値は約14万円を要しました」

This made me check lots of my other YouTube videos. They are all full of strangeness. One of them is mistakenly transcribed as if it was English, despite almost all of it being Japanese.


  1. ^___^ Transcripts are often ridiculously funny, hehe

    I like the second trick:D

    1. The second trick is very pretty. My friend uses it a lot at work.

  2. First one is more advanced lol, I don't get anything from Japanese but I guess I'd like it too... maybe some day in Stockholm I'll come to see how you do it:P

    1. I am not sure "advanced" is the right word :-) It is a more complicated procedure, but the second trick is a more beautiful magic trick, and from the "secret stuff you need to do" point of view it is also more difficult.

      When I go to Stockholm I usually do not bring any magic stuff with me, except something to use for practice when I have time to kill in the plane or in the airport.

      But if we ever get a chance to meet, I can show you some magic tricks if you want me to, of course :-)

    2. Sure, that would be great^^ Well... good luck with practicing and all tricks:) It's great gift and hobby:)