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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The ABBA museum!

Last week, the new ABBA Museum opened here in Stockholm. I went there with a friend today. It was great, and I highly recommend going there!

The museum has lots of interesting information, lots of old photos that are very nice, replicas of important things like the studio ABBA used, lots and lots of things you can try yourself (sing and dance together with ABBA!), old costumes, etc.

There was also another exhibition included in the price that showed things from Swedish music since the 1920s up until now. That was also quite nice. 

I got a very exclusive "one of the first weeks" tickets. Also, the ticket looks like an SJ train ticket.
Outside the museum you can remove any ABBA face you want and put your own face there instead. I picked the only one that has the same hair color as me :-)
You can sit on the bench ABBA sat on and take photos of yourself with their photos.
You can photograph yourself in a helicopter that looks like the one on the album cover of "Arrival".
In one room you can scan your face with a Kinect machine and then dance around to ABBA music. The Kinect will overlay your face on ABBA bodies, and make digital snapshots that you can download later.
You can go on stage, and sing and dance to famous ABBA tunes...
... together with digital ABBA performing live together with you! (This technology looks great!) You can download a video of your performance later.
You can dance in a disco room too.

In the exhibition on Swedish music history, I found some items that belonged to Yngwie Malmsteen, the Swedish music star with perhaps the most star quality of them all. He seems to dress like a superstar privately too. And he is a guitar god, of course. Famous in Japan too.


  1. Yngwie lockar bra mycket mer än ABBA för en sån som jag!! :-)

    1. Yngwie är cool, men det fanns inte så mycket mer än den montern i fotot som handlade om honom. Han var med i någon lista över folk som legat etta på svensktoppen på åttiotalet eller något i den stilen också, så man kunde höra lite av en av låtarna. ABBA-utställningen var ju däremot väldigt stor.

  2. Logiskt, eftersom det heter ABBA-museum.. :-)