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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Drunk colleagues and broken iPhones

During the weekend, one very frequent visitor to our magic bar that was very nice had her last night in Sapporo. She spent it in our magic bar, and one of the other magicians who was quite close to her spent most of the night with her and her friends, playing drinking games. Apart from not being very helpful because he was playing games instead of say washing the dishes, he also kept losing and became very drunk. That made him even less helpful, haha. That meant more work for the two of us that were not drunk.

When, late at night, some of his customers showed up, he was too drunk to remember how to make even fairly simple drinks, he said, so he asked me to make them for him (even though he himself had nothing else to do). He impressively enough managed to go through his magic performance for those guests with no problems, though.

Later, he also managed to drop the iPhone of my not drunk colleague and break the screen. Let's hope he does not get too attached to any other customers that may be leaving Sapporo in the near future.

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