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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sapporo Odori Beer Garden, again

My friend has a very long tongue
On Monday I was invited to the Odori Koen park Beer Garden again, by a different group of friends. They too said: "Everyone will come in yukatas!" I rushed home from work and quickly changed into a yukata. I also grabbed an umbrella, since it looked like rain was coming.

Once I got to the Beer Garden, at around 19:30, the guy who had invited me was not yet there. Since they stop serving you at 20:30 and throw you out at 21:00, that was a bit worrisome. I did find the group of his friends that were already there, though. Or rather, they spotted me.

There is apparently a selfie accessory sold for iPhones
With the selfie accessory, you can take photos of yourself at a longer distance
It turned out that I was the only one wearing a yukata... It also turned out that they were sharing a very big table with another group of people. These people were also people that I know... Small world.

My friend showed up at 20:40 or so, also not dressed in a yukata... After we were kicked out, it started to rain quite heavily. My friend had managed to convince his wife that "we don't need an umbrella", so they crowded in under my umbrella.
Then everyone went to karaoke, except me. I went home, since I thought I had a very important meeting very early in the morning. That meeting turned out to have been canceled, but my professor had not told me about the cancelling, only about how very important this meeting was (or, would have been).

I did not have time to talk that much to my friend, but I did meet some new acquaintances that were very nice, and I had some interesting food, so all in all it was worth getting drenched in the rain. I was asked to do some magic, and there was a guy there who was very impressed (and another who had been to our magic bar).

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