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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ghostly coincidence

I put up a photo on Facebook saying: "It is O-Bon, the season of ghosts!", with me as a ghost. One of my acquaintances later wrote a comment saying: "My mother just e-mailed me that she saw a superb ghost at the Bon-Odori and that she took a photo. She will show it to me tomorrow. What if that ghost is Jonas?"

I answered that of course it is me. There were no other ghosts there.

The next day, this acquaintance sent me the photo above, which is the photo her mother took. It does indeed look a lot like me. The mother had said: "When I took out my camera, he turned my way and stopped moving, so I could get a good photo!" That is the kind of service I provide, haha.

I remember a woman taking a photo of me in the middle of the dancing (which must be this photo). So I have apparently met my acquaintance's mother.

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