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Monday, August 25, 2014

Obake photos in Sapporo

This is actually me putting some of the makeup back on (it sweats away), but it looks like I am jamming a stick into my eye.
Some of my friends thought it would be a good opportunity to take ghost photos in different places and in different ghost like ways when I was all painted up. Here are some of the results.

I ran into a girl I know in this corridor, so she took a photo. Notice that all bars etc. are closed at this time...
Here we tried to get "Normal photo but something strange is visible in the mirror".
This was sent has "Cheers for your birthday" to someone, with a ghost joining the toast in the background.
I suggested we try to get "one person, that person's reflection, and only the reflection of a ghost" in one shot, which is this one. That it is a ghost is not that clear, though.
This I took myself. The only interesting part is that it is a mirror shot where the camera is not visible.
The building where the magic bar where I perform is located in is suitable for ghosts: from the third floor and up, all bars except ours are closed/empty, and the place is dark and full of rust.

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