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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jonas the fashion adviser

Me, in a funny shirt
I wore a shirt that says: "I am not Japanese" both in English and in Japanese, and stopped by the shop where I bought that shirt. While looking for new funny shirt there, an American (?) tourist told me "I love your shirt". I said that I had bought it in this shop, and that they probably still had them.

He became excited and we looked for one for him too. We found one, but it was size small. He wanted XL, so we asked the young guy working there if he had larger sizes. He went away and looked and came back with a shirt in size L. This was the largest size they had of the "I am not Japanese" design. Some other shirts they had in XL too.

I said that since I am wearing a size S shirt, L might work for him. He then asked if it would be OK for him to try the shirt on. I have never seen anyone try on a t-shirt before, but he said he would buy the shirt if it fit, and the guy in the shop also thought it would probably fit, so he said fine. This shop is outside, in the middle of a small square, so the big guy just undressed then and there and tried on the shirt. It seemed to fit him well, though if it shrinks later it would probably be too small.
Guy who bought the same funny shirt (in a larger size)
He thanked me for the help, and asked me to check how he looked in another shirt he also wanted to buy. He tried on a shirt with Mount Fuji in size XL, and I snuck a picture of him doing so. I said it looked OK on him, and he bought that too.

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in people asking me for fashion advice. The number of people who think you would have to be a complete idiot to even think of asking me for such advice remains on a constant very high level, though.


  1. Ha-ha!! Jag tillhör en minoritet.. Nice!! :-)

    1. Tydligen en väldigt liten minoritet, men du är också tydligen inte helt ensam :-)