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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sapporo Odori Beer Garden

On Sunday I was invited to a farewell party for two people who are leaving Japan. I have only met them briefly, but I was told that even people that had never met them were welcome.
This person was drinking with a group of friends at a table near ours.
Everyone is supposed to come in yukata, I was told. As any chance to wear a yukata is good, I decided to join the farewell party. It started at 13:00 in the Odori Koen park Beer Garden. At around 19:30 one of the people who everyone was going to say farewell to showed up. The second one arrived at around 21:00, arriving slightly late but dressed in a yukata, which was nice.
A card trick with an iPhone accessory
While partying in the afternoon I saw some people in strange clothes, I got to eat some rhubarb (not common in Japan, but very common in Sweden), and I was asked to do some magic. About half of our group was dressed in yukatas, so I was not alone in that either.
In a "what kind of men is your perfect match", a girl at my table strangely enough kept drawing a card with me.

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