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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tokyo capsule hotel, with very uncool pajamas

The full extent of my capsule
For our business trips we get a fixed allowance for hotels, so staying in a hotel as cheap as possible is in some sense the best thing to do. I stayed in a capsule hotel this time. You get a locker to put your stuff (though it is a very small locker, so even a small suitcase would not fit), and you get a bed sized (if you have a small bed) plastic tube to sleep in. Each room has lots (50 or so is common) of these plastic tubes stacked on top of and beside each other, so if you are easily disturbed by people snoring, capsule hotels are not for you. There is only a thin plastic wall between capsules, and only a cloth curtain covering the entrance.
If you are short like me, you can even sit up in the capsule
Capsule hotels do come with pajamas, that are generally very uncool, a great public bath (sometimes only showers, but most have nice baths), free razors, toothbrushes, combs, etc. This place had cell phone chargers for any available cell phone in each capsule too, which was convenient since I did not bring my charger on this trip. There is also a TV in the capsule.
Not very cool pajamas (that you are required to wear when in the capsule rooms)
I uploaded a photo of me in the capsule to Facebook and a Japanese acquaintance commented that: "Wow, capsules have become very spacious recently!" I answered that maybe it was just that I had gotten skinny lately and thus the capsule just looked big, but he said: "No".

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