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Friday, August 8, 2014

First day of Susukino Matsuri 2014: some magic, lots of rain

The "Million" "girls bar" had all their staff dressed as Playboy bunnies walking in the streets.
This year it is the 50-year anniversary of the Susukino festival. This means that the festival is one day longer than normal. This year, our magic bar is participating. We have some tables where you can drink the most basic types of alcohol and where you can have spicy chicken (very good!), yakisoba (good, since it uses better noodles than standard festival food), "samosa" (filled with something that is completely different from samosa fillings (which is normally potato based curry taste stuff; ours have tomato sauce, cheese, and pizza flavorings), and wrapped in something completely different from samosa covers; more accurately described as pizza flavored spring rolls), and small sausages.
Magician doing magic
Magician not doing magic
We also offer the very special service of magic, that probably no other place in the whole festival has. There are usually four or five magicians running around, and when not serving drinks or food, they can show you magic.
Doing magic with a small plunger
Not doing magic with a small plunger
Explaining how many the original two rabbits may have become (four) with gestures
I have a job, so I showed up much later than everyone else (when I had finished my job and my overtime). The weather was uncertain, but not that bad. I did some magic for some people there, but then the rain started. And it rained very very much. So much that the festival was cancelled for the night.
Rain, and people hiding from the rain

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