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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Small world, new yukata, a headless dog, and a jumping penguin

Yesterday I tried my new yukata with a tiger embroidery. It was slightly warmer than my other yukatas, but softer on the skin. Looks pretty nice. I am told only the yakuza wear things with embroidery of angry dragons or tigers.
I was shown a kendama shaped like a dog. It was slightly more difficult than a normal kendama, and when you use it it looks like you are decapitating the dog...
I was also shown a penguin made from paper and rubber bands. It expands quickly.

I was also asked to show some magic to a small group of people that quickly grew to a huge group of people. One subgroup asked me what I do for a living, and it turned out that they work at my university, in the university library. In fact, we eat at the same school cafeterias. And they know one of my "sempai" from the university magic club. Small world.

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  1. Så nu blir du känd som "The white Yakuza" :-D Alla blir rädda!!!