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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funny t-shirts, rude t-shirts, obscene t-shirts, Pedo-Bear t-shirts, boob size t-shirts

Shit on a stick t-shirt
I saw lots of strange t-shirts in Tokyo. I bought one that has a picture of shit on a stick and that says: うんこ ("unko", which means shit in Japanese). I am going to give this as a gift to a Japanese woman I know. I would not normally give shit themed gifts to women, but this woman claims she loves all things with unko.

Frozen t-shirt
I bought a shirt for myself that has the last line of the hit song "Let it go!" from the movie "Frozen", both the English version ("The cold never bothered me anyway") and the Japanese version (that says something like: "It does not feel even a little bit cold [to me]"). I reckon this will be useful in the winter, when I walk around in the snow in only a t-shirt. If people ask me: "Aren't you could?!", I can just point to my shirt to save time. This will come in very handy, I am sure.

Disney princesses t-shirts
I want a shirt with the Disney princesses making funny faces (bottom one). I have seen this drawing before, and I like it. This was only sold in the size "Japanese girl", which is a really really small size, though.
Lots of strange t-shirts
I found a place with lots of shirts with text in Japanese. Taking a closer look, there is one whole row (second row from the top) dedicated to bust sizes:

The green shirt reads "爆乳", which means "enormous boobs". The English text indicates that the wearer has a cup size of G or larger.

The red shirt reads "美乳", which means beautiful boobs. The English text just says "gorgeous boobs".

The orange shirt reads "並乳", which means "normal boobs". In English it says: "C & D are just good sizes. The tits size fits my hand perfectly." The Japanese cup size scale is slightly different from the Western scale, I am told, so "C & D" here means "B & maybe C" by Western standards, or so the experts tell me.

The yellow shirt reads "微乳", which according to my dictionary means "small breasts" (the pronunciation is the same as for the "gorgeous boobs", but instead of the kanji for beautiful it has the kanji for "minute, insignificant", which happens to be read the same). The English text says: "flat boobs" and "AA,, size or less... be virtually non-existent".

The blue shirt reads "貧乳", which according to my dictionary means "tiny breasts". The English text says: "Tiny Tits" and "The size of a person of A & B. I don't care about it!". My dictionary seems to sort the last two in the opposite order, but both mean small.
A suggestive Venn diagram
I saw a t-shirt with a Venn diagram. On the left it says "normal people" and on the right it says "otaku" (which is the Japanese word for "nerd", with a strongly negative nuance). The arrow points to the overlapping part and says: "I'm around here".

Pedobear battling Ronald McDonald. The text says "Bear claw".
Pedobear on a diet. The text says: "Don't loose too much weight" (or "Let's go on a diet but not overdo it").
For some reason, the shop that sold the Frozen t-shirt and had lots of cute animal shirts also sold t-shirts with Pedobear. I am not sure I would use that character on shirts if I had to design shirts for a living...


  1. Verkar som om man får vara lite försiktig när man köper T-shirts om man inte kan läsa japanska! :-) Och Pedobear?? Seriöst? Är han vad det låter som? Våldsam typ, dessutom..

    1. Angående Pedobear så är det en skämtkaraktär från folk på internet (klickbara länkar i inlägget ovan) med konstig humor, men jag skulle nog inte ha en sådan tröja på mig, nej.

      Japansk text tycker folk kanske är konstigt, men det gör nog inte så mycket om man har en med text som har konstigt innehåll. De skrattar kanske lite åt en för att man var korkad nog att köpa en tröja man "uppenbarligen" inte förstod texten på. Vilket ju i och för sig japaner gör hela tiden med engelsk eller fransk text :-)

  2. ...uppenbarligen.. :-) t.o.m. svensk text..

  3. Where is this shirt store? I love it. I live in Tokyo and I haven't seen most of those.

    1. The photos are from a few different stores, but all of them are in Harajuku.

      One is across the street from the JR station. If you take the JR exit near the subway station exit (Meiji Jingu Mae station) and cross the street and walk towards Takeshita Doori you will see lots of t-shirts hanging outside.

      The other one is right near the start of Takeshita Doori. Exit the JR station and cross the street to Takeshita Doori. Go down a few meters and turn right into a small back alley. At the end of this alley there is a guy selling funny t-shirts.

      The last photos are from some store that prints t-shirts while you wait. It is located on Takeshita Doori.