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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tragic event information and a shopping spree

Too much shopping
Saturday was very hot but at around four in the afternoon I decided to go out and see if I could find a new wallet. My current one is full of holes.
Furoshiki folding manual
I noticed a lot of people in kimonos and yukatas, many many more than normal. I also noticed that a kimono shop I often visit had a sale, so I went inside to take a look. I wanted a new small bag.
Small tiger embroidery on chest
Larger tiger embroidery on back
Right next to the bags for men, I noticed a nice yukata for men that had a tiger embroidered on the chest (and on the back). An old man working there suggested I try it on, and it looked nice, so I decided to buy the yukata too. He said that it came as a set with an obi (belt) and geta (wooden clogs), but that I could pick any obi and any geta. I found several obi that looked nice, so I ended up taking three (on being free with the yukata).

New obis
New bags
I also found several more bags, so I ended up with four of them. And since I was getting a huge paper bag to carry the clogs and the yukata anyway, I bought some funny looking socks and two fans too. A also bought a furoshiki and they gave me a pamphlet describing how to use a furoshiki as a bag etc. My mom likes furoshiki and uses them as table cloths or curtains.
New socks, fans, and furoshiki
I then walked by another kimono shop and talked a bit to a woman who works there. She informed me that the reason there were so many people dressed in yukata was that it was the "Let's wear yukata together" day in Sapporo... Which I did not know about. It had just finished. Once per year, people gather in a huge event and wear yukatas together. So  I guess I will have to wait until August 2015...
Saddened that this was already over, I stopped by yet another kimono shop to look for another type of obi, but I could not find one in any of all of these kimono shops. I walked past a guy selling Western style clothes who managed to convince me to buy some strange looking underwear though.
Two identical jackets that are thin and possibly not that hot to wear
Flower jackets
Since I seemed to be on a shopping spree anyway, I also stopped by some other shops on the way home. I found two very thin jackets, which will be nice when doing magic and a jacket is required (at weddings, for instance), since Japan gets ridiculously hot and most of my jackets are too thick to do any physical work in.
I also found a shop that sold a very colorful flower patterned jacket that I figured I might use sometime when performing for kids. I also ended up buying a jacket with black and grey flower patterns in another shop. And some t-shirts. And a pair of very garish trousers...

So I walked home with a mountain of clothes. I did not, however, find a new wallet that looked nice.

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