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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Japanese barbecue: crushing water melons with your bare hands and eating ice cream with chopsticks

Our barbecue spot was right next to a river
We had chicken skewers, meat, garlic, mushrooms, and lots more food.
Today was the second day of my five days O-Bon holiday. One of my magician friends invited me to barbecue with his friends from elementary school, junior high, and high school. They are young enough to be my kids, but they were nice enough to let me join in.
Putting raw eggs on the barbecue seemed a bit difficult...
One guy kept talking about chicken wings, and ended up buying three huge packs of chicken wings to barbecue. And then proceeded to turn them into charcoal in the beginning (later, he made really great ones too, though).
There was lots of strange stuff being grilled, of course, and lots of really great food. Japanese barbecue usually also comes with a water melon that you have to break. This being the land of Karate, one of the guys just split it using his hand. Which was quite impressive. And a bit dirty, haha.
Bringing a heavy water melon
Melon punch!
The melon after having been smashed and then bouncing into the ashes...
Trying to avoid getting a tan
In Japan, you eat everything with chopsticks. Including ice cream.
Some people put marshmallows on skewers to have "American barbecue". Some people just hold them with chopsticks.

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