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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Increasing size of noodles, some foie gras, and cake

Back in Sapporo, I was asked to come by our magic bar, since some guests from far off were there and wanted to see me. They had brought the same type of cup noodles in four different sizes. Each size is one amount of the smallest cup larger than the previous size.
For some reason, they had also brought foie gras with them. They said I should try it and see if it tasted like the foie gras in Paris. It did not, but it was quite tasty. Before I tried it, they said it was horrible and they themselves could not even stand the smell of foie gras. Why exactly they brought this (or even bought it in the first place) was a bit unclear.
They also brought cake, which was very good. It was close to the birthday of someone they knew, so they wanted to have cake.
I also got some omiyage. This was sweet rice thumped into a gooey sweet jelly and covered in flour. You then pour a sweet and sour sauce on it and eat it as a not very sweet dessert. The wrapping was interesting; it resembled furoshiki (cloth) wrapping, but was really tiny and done with plastic sheets. This was also really good.

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