Monday, December 22, 2014

Bad choice of footwear

Since I was going to dress up as a Japanese ghost, I wore a kimono (with the "wrong" side in front, like dead people are dressed). Japanese ghosts do not have feet, or at least do not show their feet, but since my kimono is too short to hide my feet properly I figured I should wear some traditional Japanese footwear, and put on a pair of setta.

This turned out to be a horrible idea. If it is cold outside and you walk on top of snow or ice, it is not so bad to wear sandals. On this night, it was too warm, around 2 degrees Celsius, so the snow was melting. I walked on roads covered in barely melted water and loose melting show (that you wade through rather than walk on top of). This meant that my feet were completely soaked and very cold immediately. I arrived at the Christmas party with my feet in a color quite close to Christmas red. Not very pleasant.

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