Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas presents from Sweden

I got home and found a not in my mailbox saying that someone had tried to deliver a parcel larger than my mailbox (which is tiny) and had put it in one of the larger mailboxes that are intended for situations just like this. So I found a large parcel full of Christmas presents from my parents.

I got dried mushrooms, chocolate, licorice, a kitchen towel with descriptions of edible parts of animals, a cheese slicer, and more chocolate. The cheese slicer is nice to have, since things like this are not sold in Japan. On the other hand, cheese is only sold in super small quantities, so you cannot really find any cheese to use it on either.

I also received something labeled "reindeer poo". I tried to eat some of it (who wouldn't?) and it turned out to be chocolate.

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