Monday, December 15, 2014

Ramen from all over the world

My friend is using an ancient cell phone, so it requires a lot of concentration when taking photos.

In Japan, you have to give presents to everyone you know or work with after every trip you ever go on. Usually you give them small cakes. One of my Japanese friends hates sweets, so he has asked me to bring cup noodles from different countries instead. I have not had time to meet him much recently, but last week I had an evening with nothing planned, so I went to the bar where my friend works and gave him noodles from my trip to Oxford and from my trip to Sweden.

This thing that I was served was great. A cracker with something that tasted of crab.

He tried the "Kabuto" brand from Oxford first. Kabuto is a Japanese samurai helmet, but the noodles were "beef flavored pho", which implies Vietnamese noodles. Everyone that tried them agreed that the soup part was not bad, but the noodles were bad.

There was also curry noodles from Britain, and two types of soba noodles from Sweden. One was "classic yakisoba", and the other was chili flavored soba. My friend has not mentioned trying any of the others yet, but then again I have not had time to meet him so we have not talked.

Tiny and not tiny whiskey

I also mentioned that I had bought a bunch of tiny bottles of alcohol, and he said he wants to collect lots of those too to make a tiny bar for decoration.

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