Monday, December 15, 2014

Turkish food

Last week I again met up with the girl who was super popular at the speed dating party I went to a while back (of 17 men there, she was selected as a top partner by 15). She told me she likes to try different types of food, so we went to a very nice Turkish restaurant called Tafa.

The chef is Turkish, and they have a huge selection of Turkish dishes that I have not seen anywhere else (I have never been to Turkey, but I assume that if you do go there, you can find the same dishes). We ordered everything in "half-size", but still ended up with slightly more food than we needed, but not more that we could finish with some effort.

She is really funny to talk to, even if you talk for more than the two or three minutes you got at the speed dating party. She also likes to try to recreate food she has tried at restaurants, so she said she will now try out home made versions of Turkish food on her relatives.

Turkish ice cream that stretches

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