Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soup curry without soup

My friends from Sweden who are visiting Sapporo now told me that they had found a place that serves "soup curry without soup". This sounded strange and interesting, so yesterday we went there together.

Well, actually, soup curry without soup sounds like you would get normal curry. And it was kind of true. The menu just seed "beef curry" or "chicken curry", like any curry shop in Japan. The curry was not normal Japanese curry and the taste was closer to the taste of soup curry than to the taste of "normal" Japanese curry.

The vegetables were also soup curry style. The types of vegetables used were the same ones that are common in soup curry (but different from normal curry). They were also not boiled in the curry and they were not cut up into small pieces (which would be the norm for Japanese curry).

The food also came with a salad that had an extremely nice dressing. I also ordered a yuzu flavored lassi that came with "chocolate and banana" ice cream. Both very good.

The interior decoration was nice, and the guy serving us was also very nice.

The menus were hidden inside covers that sported the titles of very old books

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