Monday, December 15, 2014

Buying huge amounts of DARS chocolate

For some reason, December 12 is considered to be "DARS day" here in Japan. DARS is a line of chocolate. This year, our coop sold DARS bags for 1212 yen (because it is December 12), which contained lots of chocolate but also came with three cute plush toys shaped like the characters used to sell "Choco-balls". This is another line of chocolate by the same company.

I wanted the toys, and since I have too much money anyway I bought one set just for the toys. I tried giving away the chocolate but did not succeed that well (one box for a student friend, one for our secretary) so I ended up eating lots and lots of chocolate for dinner. The toys are nice, though.


  1. Det är nästan så jag tar förgivet att Micke inte var där, eftersom du hade problem att bli av med chokladen? :-) Synd att inte JAG var där.. :-)