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Born in Stockholm (Sweden), now live in Sapporo (Japan). Hold a Ph.D. in computer science and work with computers during the days, perform magic in a bar during the nights (and weekends, for kids). Also used to teach historical fencing back in Sweden.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being insulted with a birthday cake

Tomorrow is my birthday, but since I do not work in the magic bar on Mondays, my magician colleagues produced a birthday cake for me yesterday (or right after midnight, so technically today). My magician colleagues give me a cake every year, and I am very happy about that. The cake this year was very good too.

This year, the name on the cake said "ヨーナシ" instead of "ヨーナス" (the way I usually write my name in Japanese). Both are somewhat reasonable ways of writing Jonas in Japanese, though the latter one is the most natural. Also, the first way is the Japanese word for "useless" (用無し, though it could also be a European pear, 洋梨). Even the people in the cake shop were skeptical when my colleague wanted a cake that said "Happy birthday, useless person!"... But he managed to convince them that was what he wanted.

Still, a good cake is a good cake, even if the sign on it is insulting, haha.


  1. Happy birthday sir! More birthdays to come!

    1. Thank you. Now the clock has passed midnight here, and it is thus my birthday.

    2. I hope you enjoy this day! Looking forward to your birthday post in blogger!