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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombie doing magic at Ropossa

Zombie Jonas drinking tomato juice.
Yesterday I visited the magic "snack" Ropossa (the mama does magic) dressed in my Halloween zombie style. They took lots of pictures of me doing strange things, and also requested that I do a magic trick with hammering a nail into my nose. Lots of fun.

Zombie Jonas: "So I am going to do a card trick with these here cute playing cards for kids" 

"OK, I am going to hammer this nail into my nose to help with this card trick..."

Zombie with a nail in the nose.

Nail in nose, from the front.

Nail in nose, from below.

Pulling a nail out of my nose again.

Zombie talking to the customers at the counter.

Zombie making drinks.

Zombie Jonas stabbing and biting a young customer.

Zombie Jonas stabbing and biting another customer.

Zombie Jonas stabbing and biting the Mama of Ropossa.

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