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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jonas drinks, clay pot hamburgers, and curry soup

Meat patty served in sauce in a clay pot
Our university stated selling a drink called "Jonas" (more or less; the Japanese word for European pears sounds like the Swedish pronunciation of Jonas) in Japanese again, so I bought a bottle. It was OK.

Jonas drink
Last month my colleagues and I wanted to go to a place that serves what Japanese people call "hamburg steak" (hanbaagu) in clay pots, but since it was the 29th the place was full. "Two nine" is pronounced the same as "meat" (both are "niku") in Japanese, so on the 29th of each month many places have cheaper prices on meat dishes. This place has 30% off on everything with meat in it on the 29th. I went there again in September instead, and ended up getting a seat despite it being the 29th. I took the "most popular number 1" on the menu. The food was OK, but not that special. It was super cheap though (it would have been cheap even without the 30% off).

Curry soup
I also visited a "Soup curry" restaurant that one of my colleagues says is the best close to where I live (there are even better ones close to the university, though). The curry soup was very good, though the "very recommended only during autumn special" fried chicken topping was not very special.

Not so special fried chicken

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