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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yesterday the bar I went to to have dinner when I finally got off work at 23:00 had some "katanuki" going on. You get an edible hard thingy with lines and a needle (or toothpick). Then you are supposed to carve out the shape that is drawn without breaking the sugar/flour cake it is made of. This is quite difficult, and if you succeed you get a prize. This is a common game at Japanese festivals.

My first ever attempt at katanuki did not go very well.

On the other hand, a very drunk woman staggered in and sat next to me. We had met before (she had my business card), in the same bar. She had been out with her office colleagues and had drunk way too much, and now she was a bit hungry. She ordered fried chicken, but could not eat all of it so I got quite a bit of free fried chicken. The fried chicken at this place is very good, so I was happy about that. It is not so good for my attempt at losing weight, though (5 more kilos to go until I achieve an "OK" rating from my bathroom scale). But I did manage to lose half a kilo or so yesterday even after all the chicken, my scale tells me.

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