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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Midnight Mac

A midnight snack. Healthy life.

I had a really bad cold and lost my voice last week, so I did not go to our magic bar to perform (I lay in bed watching old TV shows for 72 hours instead...). On Thursday I was feeling fairly fine and went to say hello to my magician colleagues.

Egg burger
They mentioned that the group of customers who had booked a visit to our magic bar specifically when I was there because they wanted to see me and hear me speak English, and who of course booked a time when I was at home being sick, were drinking in the bar next to ours. So I left our magic bar immediately and went to talk to them for awhile. They seemed happy about that.

Then I went back to our magic bar, and since by then all customers had left my colleagues suggested eating a new McDonald's hamburger with egg in it. Having a huge meal of McDonald's food at 1 a.m. is probably not the best way to lose weight (I still need to lose at least 5 kg my bathroom scale tells me), but it was pretty good.

Also, the mama of yet another bar next to ours came in and asked me if I know a girl called Nina. I said I do (we lived in the same dorm for 6 months when I first came to Sapporo), and finally found out how it happened that Nina ended up drinking in a bar next to our magic bar (which she had mentioned on Facebook). Their normal clientele does not include young women.

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