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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pizza oven, pizzas, cookies, fresh fruits

A home made pizza oven
Yesterday I went out into the countryside to visit friends living in or near Sweden Hills. One of them has recently built a pizza oven in the garden and they wanted to have a pizza making party. This party also doubled as a birthday party for me (though my birthday is three weeks away).

Pizza and home grown corn in the oven.
One of the many pizzas made.

They grow lots of interesting stuff themselves in their garden too. There were plums and grapes to pick and eat this time. At other times, I have had eda-mame, eggplant, potato, horse radish, asparagus, corn and probably other things too from their garden.

Home grown plum.
Home grown grape.
Chocolate chip cookies.
A birthday present for me.
A bag that looks somewhat strange to Swedish people like me.
Since having 15 pizzas may not be enough, there was also some fish to eat.

Another invited guest showed up with home made cookies, so we had that to help fill the daily calorie need after having made 15 or so pizzas... Just before going back home, they also fired up some fish too. Lots of good food.

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