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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cheap food and half naked women

Not even one of all the girls in these billboards ever worked here, haha.
One of my few male friends wanted to go out to dinner. We discuss ideas for magic tricks together but have not met for a few weeks. He had three new ideas he wanted to show me, and I had two I wanted to try on him.

He decided on the restaurant, and we ended up in a newly opened izakaya (Japanese bar). Their selling point is that all waitresses are young girls wearing almost no clothes. Most of the waitresses wore bikinis with a very short skirt (still showing most of the lower part of the bikini too) or very small hot pants and a bikini top. Some wore very short skirts, colorful brassieres and very tight see-through shirts on top.

The drinks were pretty cheap, but the food was a bit on the expensive side. The food was not bad, but was probably very very cheap for the izakaya to make. It was a lot of microwaved stuff with cheap ingredients.
Our waitress helpfully distributed our ramen salad from the big bowl unto small plates for us, but she was not so good at that. There was only ramen and a few lettuce leaves on my plate. There were lots of other ingredients in the bowl though...
This is what it looked like after I distributed the salad contents more evenly.

Some of the girls were pretty funny when they had time to talk to us.

The funniest part was that my friend kept asking them: "So, are you one of the girls in the advertisements?", since they had extremely large billboards all over the place, and they have huge adverts in a lot of magazines lately. They all said "no", and one of the girls told us that all the girls in the promotional stuff are hostesses from some Tokyo hostess bar, haha. Strangely enough, almost all the waitresses were a lot prettier than the girls from Tokyo used in the advertisements. Apparently Sapporo has a high rate of pretty girls (though the funniest waitress was actually from Otaru, our neighboring city).

None of these girls ever worked here, but the clothes look like the same ones used by the staff.
More billboards with unrelated girls from Tokyo.

My friend kept ordering yuzushu sours, and ended up puking in the toilet. So towards the end, I ended up drinking his cocktails since he did not seem to be up for more of them...
Taking photos of the food was OK, but no photos of the staff were allowed.


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    1. A slightly strange place, but the waitress that spoke to us a lot was funny. Still not sure it was worth the money to order food. Drinks were cheap, though.