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Born in Stockholm (Sweden), now live in Sapporo (Japan). Hold a Ph.D. in computer science and work with computers during the days, perform magic in a bar during the nights (and weekends, for kids). Also used to teach historical fencing back in Sweden.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I saw a flyer for "卍LINE", stating that there is a release tour for a new album going on. In Asia using a swastika is not weird, but being from Europe it always surprises me a bit... And this time they also have a "mein floor" and other German sounding things, haha.


  1. I believe that symbol has an Asian origin.

    1. Yes, the origin is Asian, so here people keep using it with no bad connotations. In Europe, it has a very negative connotation nowadays, so it is just surprising to me when I see it :-)