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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween party as a zombie

Zombie Jonas eating mochi.
Yesterday I finally found a Halloween party that I had time to go to. It was a lot of fun. I added a zipper to my wrist, and bought a pair of white trousers for 63 yen (~63 cent) but other than that the look was pretty much the same as on Saturday.

Dressing up as a zombie

One of the new details I tried, a zipper glued to my skin.
First I had to dress up as a zombie before going out. I am getting used to that by now but it still takes almost two hours.

This way of making a bandaged bloody wound also looked pretty realistic.
Last new detail was a pair of white trousers, so blood that ran off the shirt would still be visible.
The state of the zombie face before leaving home.
The state of the zombie face when coming back home. A lot of paint and blood have dried up or fallen off.

The Halloween party

Other people at the Halloween party.
Once at the Halloween party, there was free food and lots of other funny people. I liked the girl dressed as the Onepiece (a manga) character Boa Hancock. Very high level. There was also a girl dressed in a high school uniform, who said she used her own original uniform from when she was still in high school. There was also a group of girls all dressed up as a team, which was nice. 

I also liked the guy in the skeleton dress, who when he took off his Scream style mask had another mask underneath! Finally, there was also a guy dressed up like an accident victim, covered in blood, that I liked.

Dressing up in teams would be cool (if only I had friends!)
This guy has something stuck in his forehead, and a lot of blood everywhere. Nice!

Dinner at an Italian restaurant

Zombie having gnocchi for dinner.
After awhile, I got hungry so I left the party and had dinner at an Italian restaurant I sometimes go to. The staff thought it was very funny that I showed up like a zombie and kept following me around in the corridors when I went to the bathroom etc. in the hopes of running into random strangers and seeing their reactions. We ran into the mama of the bar next door, and she was surprised. She called out all the guests and waitresses of her place to take a look at me.


Me taking a zombie self shot at magic snack Ropossa.
Last year when I dressed up for the Sapporo Zombie Walk and then went to visit a magic shop, the mama of the magic "snack" Ropossa was upset. She wanted me to come to her place too, not only that of our common friend. So I figured I had to visit her place this year. It was a lot of fun. They took lots of pictures of me that I will hopefully get my hands on later.

When they turned down the light and lit me from below, things looked even creepier, haha.

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