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Sunday, March 24, 2013

An unexpected walk on the beach in Switzerland

After the second day of work, we were taken on a walk on the beach. Lausanne is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. I had expected Switzerland to be covered with snow (both Sweden and Sapporo were covered in lots of snow at the same time) but I am told Lausanne is not snowy, despite being on a higher altitude than any of the cities I have lived in that are all covered in Snow in March.

I saw a Godzilla in a garden.
The locals were walking around barefoot, which is not recommended in Sapporo in March.
There were lots of swans in Lausanne. Later when we went to Geneva we also saw a lot of swans. They did not seem very shy, so it was easy to get close up pictures of them if you were not afraid of getting bitten by the quite strong swans.

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