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Monday, March 4, 2013


This weekend, a Swedish guy who works as a pilot and sometimes pilots planes that come to Sapporo was here for two nights. He piloted a plane here and went skiing in the mountains during his day off in Sapporo. He then came to our magic bar together with the captain of the plane, and we ended up having lunch on the day he piloted the plane back to Hawaii.

He has been in Japan quite a lot, and he does not eat meat, so it is sometimes difficult to come up with interesting restaurants to show him. In Japan they usually put bacon in your "vegetable pasta" and do other things like that to make the taste become clearer, so coming up with types of food with no meat is not as easy as one might think. Sushi is of course the most obvious thing to go for, but he eats sushi without me so I would prefer to take him to restaurants that serve something else. Last time we had okonomiyaki, which is fun because you get to cook your food yourself on a hot iron plate in the table.

This time we had unagi, which means eel in Japanese. Japanese eel always has a quite sweet sauce and is usually served in a box like this. I like it, though Japanese people often ask if I "can eat eel". Apparently they think it is a type of food that foreigners find strange, but we eat eel in Sweden too.

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