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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back in magic bar A~majide

On Sunday evening after having a great time and too much food at my friend's wedding, I went to the magic bar "A~majide", which I think is the only magic bar in Osaka open on Sundays. Despite being a Sunday, it was quite busy. I got to see two magicians do a long show, together with a group of teachers from some school. Later, a new group of customers showed up so they did another long show at the show table, as well as some more magic at the bar counter.

Magician Korogi trying to find some selected cards while "blindfolded" using two jokers.

I visited this magic bar during my last trip (last month) to Osaka too, and they remembered me and had me say funny things to the new customers (like pretending to be Japanese but having colored my hair blond and put in colored lenses in my eyes, or talking about my "I am not Japanese"-t-shirt). It is a very nice place, and the staff are both funny and good at magic. It is very cheap too.

Master Kubo, eating tissue paper.

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