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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dinner in Lausanne

Swiss dinner
The first day of work there was a dinner scheduled for everyone. It was not that far from our hotel, so me and my Swedish colleague planned to walk there. Then we would get to see something of the city too, which would be nice since we would not really have time to do any sightseeing.

Not the corner where we should have turned.
On the map it looked like about a 30 minutes walk, which would have been nice. We ended up getting lost so it took 45 minutes instead. We turned left one street too early and then there was no way to get back to were we wanted to go. It also turns out to be mainly uphill climbing wherever you go in Lausanne. I would have though that around half the time you would go downwards, but that never happened to us during our four days in the city...

The restaurant on top of a mountain.
Our Japanese professor who had decided that if we though it was walking distance he would walk with us was very upset with me. I have no idea why it is always my fault when we get lost of my responsibility to get us where we are going. I have never been to Switzerland but he has been in Lausanne several times... It is the same wherever we go.

The restaurant looked very nice inside too.


Anyway, we reached the top of a mountain about 10 seconds before the time the dinner was supposed to start, and we had a very nice dinner. We got smoked sausages, mustard sauce, some potato based dish, and a very nice dessert. All of it (except maybe the dessert) were local specialties, they said.

On our way home we saw a lit cathedral.


  1. Kul att läsa lite om dina och Mickes "äventyr" :-) Och jättefina bilder!!

    1. Tack för feedbacken :-)

      Jag ligger hopplöst efter med uppdateringen av min blogg eftersom jag bara reser och reser... men snart ska jag ta tag i det och beta av Schweiz i alla fall :-) Sen var det en massa bilder från Osaka, några fester i Sapporo, och en resa till Fukuoka också...