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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sightseeing in Lausanne

A postcard conveniently showing everything interesting about Switzerland.
A shop selling famous Swiss things like knives and clocks.

Since we got off work early on Friday, we had a few hours for sightseeing. There is not that much to see in Lausanne, but we went to take a look at the "Old Town" part where there is a cathedral and a castle. We also stumbled into a museum that was nice.

I suggested my colleague should by tights like these, but he did not.
We used to have a dog like this when I was a kid. 

 Japanese things

This is a sushi place, and when we were looking through the window a Japanese looking woman came out and asked if we were interested in something. We said no.
They had a Japanese film festival.
I have a Japanese friend who works as a "kirigamist", paper cutting art.

 Old buildings and things like that

This fountain looked famous. Behind it is a clock that has moving characters on the hour every hour.
The cathedral has an impressive door, but someone had kindly parked a big truck full of building equipment in front of it so it was not so easy to take pictures...
The cathedral, the most mentioned tourist attraction of Lausanne.
Inside of the cathedral.
The door once the truck was gone.
Outside the cathedral a group of Japanese people showed up and said: "Wow, now it finally looks like 'we are in Europe!'...".
Lausanne as seen from the cathedral.
This was also mentioned on all sightseeing maps.

 Street art

This 8 bit art is part of a famous trend of street art.
This graffiti was funny.

 The museum

This is how we entered the museum, but I think the main entrance was somewhere else.
Freaks of nature collected by the museum.
More freaks of nature.
Dinosaurs are cool.
The museum was proud of their mammoth.
I have a friend who works in a place called Citrine. The small yellow stone on the left is a citrine.
Glow in the dark minerals.
Radioactive particle trapping device. You could see the traces of radioactive particle in this sheet of goo.
I like swords. Or at least beating people up with swords. Which I have not done lately.
I also like playing cards. Which I have been using a lot lately.

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