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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bar Magic Time

Très Bien!

Once I saw the magician Monsieur Pierre at the magic bar "Vernon's Bar" in Osaka. Monsieur Pierre has since opened his own bar called "Magic Time", quite close to Vernon's Bar. I went there to catch the early show. I like his character, which is a fake French magician (so he says French magic words like "Louis Vuitton, Chanel, ..." when doing magic). He is funny, with lots of bad puns in Japanese and funny references to French, and he is also very skilled.

He did a very nice and funny magic show for me, a married couple, and a family with a son of around 16 years who started doing magic and is a huge fan of Monsieur Pierre. He had even written a long letter before coming to the bar. After the show was over, the boy said: "Can I ask a question?" and Monsieur Pierre answered, "Oh, I am already married", which I thought was funny.

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