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Sunday, March 31, 2013

One more animal off the list of weird animals yet to eat

Bear in a can

After a waffle party with way too much to eat, I was called over to our magic bar where a regular customer I know was visiting from a far off city where she lives. She had brought food, which was perhaps the thing I least needed after that waffle orgy.

But not only was it food, it was an animal I had never tried before! So I ate quite a bit. She had brought a can of bear meat. It tasted surprisingly good. My friends who have eaten bear tell me it is dry, hard, tasteless, disgusting, or smelly. This meat had a fairly strong taste, but tasted very much like "normal" meat. I liked it.

The girl who brought the meat refused to eat any of it, though. She does not eat cute animals, she said. Feeding other people cute animals is evidently not a problem, though.

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