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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blood and violence, the unexpected result of a waffle party

While I was making waffles, my friends were looking through all my stuff. They found the set with the blond wig, blue stickers to put on your eyelids, and the big "foreigner nose" I bought to dress up like a foreigner for a Japanese Halloween party once. They looked pretty interesting in the fake nose.

They also found some pictures that I got for my birthday that when you look at them from one angle look perfectly normal, but from some angles look like monster version of the same people. They thought that was funny too, and took photos of themselves next to these pictures as well as when wearing the fake nose.

What they liked the most was the can of fake blood I had left from when making blood for my zombie adventures. One of them said that it had always been a dream of hers to put lots of blood in her mouth and let it run down her chin... Presumably she fairly weird dreams.

They asked if they could use some of the blood and take more photos, and since it is easy to make and contains only cheap ingredients, I let them have all the blood they wanted. They took lots of weird photos.

The next day I found fake blood in my kitchen, on the floor, in my bathroom, and in the toilet. That stuff is made with syrup so it sticks to anything and everything.

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